Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Their Life Back

It’s my routine every morning and before going to bed to watch news to keep me abreast with what's happening around me. While having my morning breakfast it’s sad sometimes to hear all the news about accidents, hostage taking and teens caught in a ramble and other crimes. It's also heartending that teens are trapped in using prohibited drugs that made them do things out of their will. I reckon their parents should immediately rehabilitate them substance abuse treatment so that they get back their normal life.

It’s really hard for any family to have someone who is abusing any substance as this only creates a lot of problem financially, emotionally and physically. It’s never too late for someone to be rehabbed and the time is now especially for teens. They should be kept away from any unsafe environment to avoid early teen pregnancies as well. Their own family and environment has the major influences in molding their character.

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