Friday, August 7, 2009

I can buy replica Gucci Purses anytime :)

I love watching re-runs of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style TV show on our local TV with his new co-host Gretta. I mean a complete wardrobe and style make over was just awesome. Ahh how’d I wish I will be give a make over too hehe. Most of the times, they get to give designer clothes and bags and not forget jewelries to one having a style make-over. Love that!

I guess you read my last post about my RL bag and my rant about not being capable to buy other authentic Coach, Gucci and LV designer bags. I resigned to the fact that I can only buy these replicas in the meantime that look very similar to the original but don't have a hefty price tag in it. A $1,000 or more on handbags is just crazy and only celebrities and rich fashionistas can buy them. If only I am JLo, Paris Hilton then probably those designers are not expensive at all.

Hey, just take a look at these replica Gucci purses, aren’t they cool to have one? They look so similar but mind you it's reasonably priced. If you are not also aware there are tons of these replicas being sold in Greenhills and other places that way too affordable. I even saw foreigners digging some of these bags and they don’t care if it’s only a replica. Take for example this nice Hobo Gucci bag that I personally like, it is being sold for about $125 at and wow that is a steal.

My eyes are feasting over the bags there and wish I can just grab them from my They have LV, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Fendi brands just to name a few. For an ordinary person like me I can always buy one anytime, in fact, I just got one already.. shhhhhh.

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