Monday, August 24, 2009

On Demand File Server for Small and Medium Scale Business

For an ordinary computing we can immediately access our files through our hard disc and other sources but when our files reaches to a max that these storage can only hold we find ways to hold our files. For individuals with business and have multiple files that is needed to be accessed anywhere and everywhere, an ordinary local server or data storage will prove to be of little help. Just think about the hassle it can bring when you’re in an out of town business meeting or sort and you need to send a important file but can’t access it because it is on your other storage. A deal or a meeting can be delayed by that and it’ll be a major loss to you company.

Thanks to Egnyte’s cloud computing where small to medium scale businesses can have a quick and cost-effective online data storage for their ever growing files. Engyte Company has been helping financial services firms, marketing firms, web design firms, accountants, consultants and more with their local cloud solutions where they can access their files even offline, large files and local copy of files thereby increasing work productivity and efficiency. Their safe and secure on-demand file server proved to be very helpful bec. they can access their files even they are out of the country, that means global access.

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