Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starting Her New Adventure

A great conversation with a friend recently put me on hold as I try to digest all the wonderful things that she had in the past years. It would be a great time for me to whine and envy her so much but I was so happy for her and her accomplishments. Things may not favor me on some ways but I am still thankful for my own little undertakings since not all of us will have the same fate anyway. Thinking aloud had me say that every person has its own life path and no one can ever lead to the same direction.

It’s great news when she told me that she is leaving for US last year with her family and that it was so sudden when their visa came right in time. I was happy for her and knowing her being so spiritual, I had no doubt in my mind that her dreams will come true. I only wish we had spent more time before she left but I know her hands are full since they will moving out of the country.

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