Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Photos of Typhoon Ondoy's Fury

I'm sure you have seen tons of photos of Typhoon Ondoy's destruction and it is really overwhelming and for all of us that has been affected the memories of its fury will never be erased from us. Our place are still lucky eventhough we are at a town in Rizal province where it is badly hit as well. It is still heartbreaking to watch the news on TV seeing people holding on to ropes, industrial handles, making makeshift rafts, cleaning up the big mess, dead people on the roads and other heartbreaking scenes.

Here are some images that my nephew took last Saturday on our street. We are still fortunate that the waters on the main road is only that high but some places are not lucky enough.

Right now we have fully recovered from it, no more floods and telephone lines are also back.

Thank God.

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  1. Nako wawa nmn to sila, while watching the picture cant help myself not to feel sad of what happen to philippines, but I am hoping that philippines can recover soon, im sure they will because they are PINOY!


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