Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Bebots/Twitter Christmas Exchange Gift Wish List

It's my 3rd time to join the Bebots/Twitter Christmas Exchange gift and it's actually lot of fun. Like I said on my previous post about our online Christmas bunutan for our Christmas Exchange Gift, we should post our wish list so that our "mommy" will know what to buy for us.

Anyway, here is my wish list and I hope my mommy will not have a hard time with my picks.
1. Clinique Happy (30ml) perfume. "Mommy", I saw one at e-bay phils. and they accept paypal and it is Pinas based so the shipping is cheap lang. If you are here in Pinas na you can also opt to buy at the mall na lang and ship it to me para sure.

I know this perfume exceeded our $30 limit a little bit so, I am willing to pay the excess. This is my priority, I'd appreciate so much if I will have this.

2. Old Navy Mock-Neck Track Jacket - Size M, Color: Mole $15 so kindly get the #3 as well

This one you can have it shipped at Faye's addy, I already have e-mailed her about this.
She will be sending a box this Oct. so pwede pasabay.

3. Old Navy Polo Shirt Size Small, Color: watermelon
These 2 ON are on sale. $15

If this color is not available upon your order, just get the Teal. Thanks.

4. ALDO Heidrick Bag, Cognac Color . It's on sale din.
Image Hosted by
Fossil jeans belt, I want a leather braided jeans belt like this sana. 32" long and 1" thick
Image Hosted by

5. GC's at
Robinson's store or CMG (Celine) GC (i hope pwede sa Robinson's Galleria ha)

I hope you can grant my wish "mommy", pa birthday (Nov.) mo na rin sa kin hehe. Thanks in advance and I hope it will not be too hard for you!! Mwah mwah!! Can't wait for any of these gifts!(Kulang na lang shoes at jeans oh complete wardrobe ito haha)..


  1. Great items Te. Pareho tayo ng type sa belt, braided din talaga.

  2. haha! uu nga, complete na. I love the jacket!


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