Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Sunday Thoughts and Wants

It’s weekend once again and actually it’s a long weekend for us since Pres. Gloria announced that it’s a non-working holiday tomorrow bec. of the burial of INC’s leader. It’ still raining I am guessing it is brought about by the last typhoon that entered here in our country. It’s wet and gloomy outside and eventhough I wanted to go to the mall to have a little time out from work, I just can’t as I am too lazy. The weather has been holding back my desire to go out but it is ok, at least I will not spend any today.

I’d just stay home to finish some online works. I am also keen on browsing the net later on to find some items that I will buy for my birthday soon. Just in case you don’t know I’ve been giving myself treat each year on my birthday. I have already had a DLSR and long lens so I might just consider on buying some nice jewelries this year for a change, although I still want to own another prime lens.

Browsing the net all the time had me acquainted with a lot of products that I won’t normally find on my mall shopping. I must say that there are pieces that we can actually get online and that is we search on the net.
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