Friday, September 11, 2009

A Soon To be Blogger

I’ve been blogging for 4 ½ years already and along the way, I’ve been to a lot blogs with different niches, web designs and more. Aside from that I gained a lot of online friends and have helped some of them with the redirection of their blogger blogs to their domains. It was also heart warming to know that there are still people thanking me for what I did eventhough I just shared them my little knowledge. I am just sharing what others have shared to me as well.

I also few blogs in different blog formats( bravejournal, blogspot and wordpress) and servers that I am keeping these days. To tell you the truth it’s really hard to maintain all of them but it is where I earn so I have to do my very best to keep them updated. Just this afternoon a highschool classmate of mine called me on the phone telling me that she is interested in setting up her own blog too since she knows that I am into it.

She then asked me a favor if I can teach and guide her in the 1st few steps. Of course I said yes and I just told her that she should have a passion or if not is interested in writing. I have to encourage her to start with free blog hosting first then later on she can purchase a domain or have her blog hosted by webhost companies. I need to give her this bluehost review site where she can also have an insight on how domain and hosting works. I know in no time she’ll find her way quickly on the world of blogging and more.

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