Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sophie's 1st Doctor's Appointment

It was our delight to have a pet dog just this year. We got Sophie last March and it was only this month that my bro and sil brought her to the veterinarian last Sept. 3 because she got a flea infection. We are so worried that it might spread further to her and to our surroundings so it's better to have her treated. The vet gave her an injection that will eventually "kill" or minimize the fleas and that the fleas will fall off from her. The doc said that there'll be 2 treatments.
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The vet gave this special soap and shampoo for her and within 2 weeks of treatment we noticed that her fleas were suddenly dying and slowly disappearing. Tomorrow is her appointment and injection once again. Having a pet is like having a child .. yay bec. there's a doc appointment and all.
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look at her dog book, she's like a baby

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