Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Left Our Place Flooded

I have a very unforgettable experience today bec. of Typhoon Ondoy. It was raining already since last night and this morning my family and I boarded our vehicle to go to our net cafe. The rain is still tamed that time and when we went out of our subdivision we already saw floods on the area. We still continued to drive hoping we can pass the floods but the routes are already blocked and it was traffic already so we went back only to find out that the floods has gone up already.

We stopped at a nearby fastfood chain and parked our car but I told mom that I want to go home by foot so me and my niece braved the thigh high floods along the way. I enjoyed walking at first but all of a sudden big waves of floods greeted us along the way and it was scary.

I even asked men to hold us for a while walking because I am scared that we might be washed away by the floods. If only I have photos and video of my experience then you'll see how scary it was.

When we got home, we saw our garage flooded already and the floods keeps on getting high and worst when I saw the water coming inside of our house it was then when I panicked. My niece and I had to put some of the furniture up to keep it from wetting.

Here are some Phone Cam photos that I took while we are on board our vehicle. This is the worst flooding that we have experienced!!!

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  1. I saw the flood new on TV last night and i think it was different this time. Parang ang lakas at lalim sa baha this time.

    I hope the water has subsided now.

  2. grabe noh. naalala kita ate Jen nung weekend kse antipolo ka diba?

  3. amin nga neck deep eh...2 months pa lang kami nakalipat! :(


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