Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Your Weekend Plans?

Weekend plans are on its way and I am thinking of going out for a quick shopping at the mall tomorrow cease my boredom and to buy a new computer chair that I will use in my shop. I will then get the old one and bring it at home as there are nights where I also work there so I needed a more comfy chair to sit on.

All of us have different plans for the weekend and while some of you will be bonding with your family or friends by watching a movie or just stroll on the mall some guys venture in their hobbies. Cars easily came to my mind but there are guys who enjoyed a weekend of fun playing airsoft. You know guys have this manly thing in them that they feel esp. when they carry an aeg airsoft rifle and feels like they are It has become popular over the years and in fact, you can airsoft stuff online at Hey guys just make sure you are having a clean fun, ok.! Have a great weekend everyone!

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