Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Wishin’

Hey all it’s a brand new week for all of us and actually this is the last week of October. Can you believe that? Wow it’s gonna be November on Sunday already and oh I’m really excited as many events will be coming soon.

I hope I can shop with my sister in law this Wednesday in Divisoria, actually it’s not for Christmas gifts yet but I guess I can grab some as well but I just need to buy myself some everyday tees and pants. Each year before my birthday comes I usually do a shopping for myself as a birthday gift. I have no special someone who can pamper me with that (bitter lol!) so I will do that to myself.

I’ll also schedule my parlor time as I badly need a hair treatment. You know I have these massive gray hairs in front of my face and gosh it is so gross to see them right now, so a hair coloring will hide them for some months. Arggh, I hate them (gray hairs)! Wish I also have a spa in the house but never thought buying one since it’ll be a hassle to change spa filter once in while so a spa treatment at the salon will be awesome as well.

I will also reward myself with a nice authentic Coach Zoe leather bag that I ordered through a friend in the US and I’m itching to have it in my hands already. Since it’ll still be shipped this week, probably I’ll get it by mid-December already yay! Ang tagal pa!!


  1. Advance Happy Birthday sis.. When is your bday? By the way, I also do that for myself , I give myself a reward during my bday.. he he.. I love shopping at Divisoria too but I find it impossible to go there these days na malapit na ako manganak..

  2. @Shelo- thank you.. NOv. 16 is my b-day. Yeah naku po for sure dami ng tao don d ka na nga pwede baka mapaanak k ang d oras hehe


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