Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Many Uses of Velcro Fabric Bulletin Boards and Fabric Wall Panels

These days more and more ways of designing our homes and offices have been surfacing thus making our rooms and places more appealing and aesthetic. A simple vase, an accent pillow or ottoman can bring life to a boring or plain room. I have also noticed that interior decorators have a way of mix and matching styles and decors. Designers have been very creative with their decorations and would lately incorporate not only artistic views but also functionality in their designs. Just in the case of fabric walls that you can use anywhere you like it.

A wall that seems unsightly to see or have its paint chipping off already can be transformed into a chic wall without putting much drain on our pockets and a wall renovation is minimized. A dash of fabric wall panels can do the trick and can serve as a decor or bulletin board as well. Just some of the many functions of these fabric walls are Velcro presentation displays as you can see at the sample below. It is perfect for demo or presentation as it can be mobile if you are on the go on tradeshows or meetings.
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The Velcro Fabric Bulletin Boards, Cork Bulletin Boards and Acoustic Fabric Wall Panel by North Sculpture Company comes in over 100 multi-color boards and various shapes and it is custom made for you. It can easily be installed and comes with Velcro tapes or screws. There are just so many uses of these wall panels, one of the best approaches in keeping things organized. Can be used at homes (study area), schools, hall ways and more.

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