Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Mom Turned 77

This is actually an overdue post. Anyway, my mom turned 77 last October 18th and we just had a very simple family lunch together since the date falls on aSunday. My bro cooked his signature grilled chicken wings, liempo while SIL cooked pancit noodles.

At first I wanted to make my fruit salad but my sis Joy asked me to buy ice cream and cakes for our dessert. The kids obviously wanted chocolate so we got the Selecta's very rocky road for them and mango. For the cake we bought the Brazo de Mercedes, which is sooooo sweet and our all time fave Black Forest, both from Red Ribbon. We all drowned ourselves with fattening and sweet foods that day not minding if we ever need a weight loss pills in the future. It's my mom's birthday so we have all the license to indulge on good foods coz it's not everyday that we get to experience this.

My mom always received compliments from almost anyone that knows her or those that asked her age because she is still healthy eventhough she takes her daily dose of high blood pressure maintenance. She is still mobile, she still goes to the market, mall and cook, plus she still loves to tinker in her small garden in our house. I wish her more birthdays and good health.

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  1. I'm sure your mother is still healthy and strong because many activities are done, many activities that take big role in high-calorie burn, and no doubt your mother will always be healthy


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