Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Trick or Treatin’ This Year

I guess most of you are already pre-occupied buying your Halloween costumes or I have some friends who already had Trick or Treat at the mall but for us here we are not joining this year. Actually it’s not popular in our place and the only time the kids will be able to enjoy this event is either to go to the malls for their Halloween events.

Gone were the days where we clad our nieces and nephews with their preferred Halloween costume and we adults will accompany them at the malls to participate in the Halloween costume contests and to get their loots. Since Reign, my 6yr-old niece is the only kid left in the family here that’s why we are not excited or geared on joining any Halloween event.

I just saw her watching TV this morning and watching a local art show where they are making Halloween masks and other stuff. She then asked me
“Is it Halloween already, Aunt Jen?” I said “almost”.
She then proceeded on drawing a pumpkin on the paper and immersed herself on making some Halloween crafts. What about you are you attending any Halloween party? What are the Halloween costumes you bought for your kids?


  1. for the past five or six years we've been having our own Halloween party here in our family compound. we have about 8 kids here who participate, though three of them are in highschool now so they might be a little self conscious to still dressup this year. But it's always a blast!

  2. Hi Vera.. wow that is cool for sure the kids will enjoy it huh

  3. Helloween Day celebration was very nice, we can use the horrible pumpkin costume, but it all makes us happy


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