Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not Everyone is a Blogger

A highschool classmate of mine visited me last month here at my store and I guess I have already told you that she wants me to teach her on setting up her own blog. I actually taught her and made a blog at blogspot but with the looks of it she is not interested anymore because I visited the blog that we made for her and it’s over a month already and there’s no more update.

I guess she is overwhelmed on what to do and just thought of concentrating on her current job in an insurance company giving insurance quotes and forms. Oh well, not every body is a blogger anyway. I also presumed that she is busy with her real and present work.


  1. It's interesting how different people approach blogging. For some, the 'idea' of writing is fun, but the actual process of doing so is not.

  2. yeahh, my mom wants me to set up a blog for her. she wants to try to make some money off of it. but i don't think she'll be a good blogger. she just wouldn't put enough time into it to earn revenue, and then she'll probably give up since she's not earning anything.

  3. it's so nice web..keep writting my friend's...

  4. I have a friend who enjoys reading blogs and occasionally commenting and when I mentioned she should start own she said she "wasn't really interested." For myself, I enjoy writing so having a blog is just a natural outlet for me.


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