Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now I'm Doomed! Google 404 Not Found Error on my other blog!!

I am restless and worried since this morning. I tried to access my other blog JENNYS-CORNER.COM and it gives this Google Error 404 Not Found Message!!!
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I was shocked and could not believe what I saw it bec. i did not change any settings. I emailed my domain host and they told me the problem is not on their side:
With regard to your concern, please contact google support as they are the one who hosted your websites. Your domain is registered with us but you are using google's cname to host it. Thank you.
Now I'm doomed and don't know what to do!! A friend is helping me now and hope it will return back to normal. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

Anyone had the same problem before?

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  1. I had that and ended up having to run a malware destroying program. It found the problem and after reboot and about an hour for Google to spider it again it was fine. I use for the free search and destroy program. Hope that helps.


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