Thursday, October 29, 2009

Owning a Car / Vehicle

Last Sept. 25, the day before destructive Typhoon Ondoy hits our country we were able to purchase our new Toyota Lite Ace (not totally actually) as it is a second hand but looks like a brand new. My bro was lucky enough to have sighted this van being sold in a nearby town. Actually the owners, we presumed a well-off family was selling it because they wanted to buy a much newer and more spacious one. Anyway, my mom and brother purchased it from them and you could see that the van is not so much used bec. there’s still plastic covers on the walls. I guess we got a great steal on that one.

The last van that we had was similar to the new one only it is not power steering or power loaded and my older bro preferred. Owning a vehicle these days is very convenient most especially if you have family that loves to go around. In our case, we needed a van since we go to our business every day and it’s use to fetch the kids at school. We also need it if we need to travel to the province and fetch relatives coming home from overseas.

Buying a car or any vehicle can be a little daunting most especially when you have no idea what to get. I suggest that you list down what are your needs and priorities when you get a vehicle. Will that be for a family, do you need spacious one, do you need a car, van or a truck? Those are just some of the guidelines you can consider. It’s also good if you can read reviews online, the can be a great source for vehicle reviews.

Just in case you are itching to buy an 2010 as a gift to yourself and family, better check out the reviews that their experts have written over their site. In this way, you’ll have some good info and feel on what is in store for this car. Good luck on your purchase!

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