Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save and Spend Wisely

After the destructive typhoon that has greatly affected us here in our country we can’t help but to talk about this often even here on my blog. Sure we have experienced floods and typhoons in the past but this one is really very different bec. of the enormous flooding submerging houses in thick mud and flood waters. These I can say will stick to our minds forever as the recollections of those who died will never cease.

Now that many are still suffering and getting hungry each day bec. they lost their properties, we (my family) always feel that we are so blessed that we are not greatly affected. One of the things I learned from this event is that we should always be thankful for all we have no matter how big or small it is.

I am positive that those who are affected will greatly learn from this calamity and they need to be optimistic that good things will still come to them. Losing hope will not help them in anyway.
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Spending unwisely is not a good thing to do these days since we need to save more so when crisis and emergencies will arise we have something to pull out in our pockets. I have known a lot of flood victims who are getting calamity loans to start anew by re-building their torn houses or buying new furniture etc.

Since I am not that crazy shopper and I know how to have control on my spending and I don’t have any loans, I am not so worried about my finances at this point. For those that have been spending or have loans/credits left and right without much thinking, you better watch out because one day when you least expect it a collection agency will call you and bug you with all your dues. Better think twice before you get drowned with debt, it’s like a quicksand too, you might not get out of it.

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  1. I certainly agree with you, we better save for rainy, or rather stormy days!

    Nice posts! Please drop by also, see ya!


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