Monday, November 23, 2009

Guilt-Free Marty's Cracklin' !!??

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Awwww who can resist Marty's Cracklin'?? The 1st time I tasted this, I can't stop munching' it. I brought some when we went at the cemetery last Nov. and oh boy my nieces and nephews can't get enough of it, the 3 packs are not enough. They even paired it with Coke while I settled with water.

Is Marty's Cracklin' really guilt-free eventhough it's not real pork chicaron? Does munching eat will spare me and those that love it from having Stimerex ES in the future? One night time, while blogging I can't stop eating it but still feel guilty about it because I know it contains salt and other preservatives. Salt can make us bloat as far as I know but maybe if we don't eat this everyday and every now and then, I guess it's just OK to give in to some junk foods once in a while.

Each 90 g pack costs about Php15.00 and just yesterday my mom wanted to buy some but it's not available at the grocery. The saleslady said it's always sold out.

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