Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hard Habit To Break

My dad and 2 brothers are smokers and we all hate seeing them puffing those cigarettes. I guess smoking have contributed to my dad's unhealthy lifestyle that resulted to his death. Soooo sad. My 2 brothers are unstoppable, my older bro stopped smoking for months because he was a bit ill because of it. The only sad thing is that he is into his habit once again when he already felt he is fine again.

No one in the family can stop them from doing so. I myself hates the smell of the smoke and we all know that the second hand smoke is also not good. I'm not sure when they will stop, I reckon if I will introduce them to these Acid cigars, there are chances that they will still try them. Oh dear.

I also not find appealing to see women smoking, much worst is when I saw a pregnant woman smoking despite her condition. Too bad for her and her baby, but that's her decision and who am I to stop her. Maybe if she'll become ill then who knows she will stop.

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