Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Shopping Mode

I’m in my shopping mode lately. As you might have read on my last post I was able to buy myself some birthday gifts for myself last week and I am still itching to buy more. In fact, the other day when I went to the grocery, there’s this small booth of Lee and RRJ jeans at the entrance, I looked over at some shirts, jeans and polo blouses that they have on display because it’s 50% off and oh dear I end up buying a polo shirt that I will be using on my birthday.

Aside from that my sister in law and I have been to Divisoria 2 weeks ago to buy some Christmas gifts and of course I didn’t forget myself hehe. November and December are the months that I always overspend because of my birthday and Christmas and spending is really not really avoidable. Good thing is that I have control on my spending on the 1st few quarters of the year so I have some savings.

I still have birthday and Christmas material wishes and that includes a watch. I ordered a leather DKNY watch from Faye from unfortunately the style that I wanted was not available. I still want a leather watch and I’m not sure if I can get this here or just buy one when we to Hongkong this December.

I don’t know about you but I really love watches but I still can’t afford those highly expensive ones. It just so happen than these days we can find some knock off watches that are replicas of the originals. You can find lots of Swiss replica watches at just in case you care looking for one. These watches are made with quality and much affordable.

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