Monday, November 9, 2009

Optimizing Our Blogs/Sites for Search Engines

I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and I guess I have gained quite a number of readers on some of my blogs due to my persistence and patience to get more traffic. At first I never really thought about that bec. all I want is to write and share all my thoughts and experiences. I have come to a point when I realized that if no one is reading my blog then I guess my posts are somewhat a waste or useless so I looked for some ways.

Blog hopping and commenting on other blogger’s posts while leaving my blog’s URL are just some of the obvious ways to gain blog’s reader or traffic bec. there are chances that there will be someone that will click my link. I have also joined Entrecard and lately Adgitize that really helps boost my traffic plus I know that Stumble Upon, Digg and others will have an impact on traffic as well. I also have those days where I try to optimize my posts by using relevant keywords and I have proven it helps in the search engines but sometimes with lack of time or being lax I forgot about it.

For those that have business or professional sites being on top of the search engine is always on top of their priorities. With the stiff competition these days landing on the 1st page of the search engines is harder to achieve in most cases so you gotta know how to play the game. Not everyone knows how to do it so a professional seo consultants like Globe Runner SEO comes to the picture. They provide an array of seo services that can help your business on the road of success. Why do it on your own by hit and miss when you can rely on experts? If you want your business on top then you’ve got to check them out.

What are your thoughts about this? Care to share?


  1. Blogging for 5 YEARS? My hat's off to you (yes, I actually wear (most always) some type of chapeau. I'm new to this game, so I enjoyed your tips. Like you say, "Why do it on your own... when you can rely on experts" (of which you're one, at least in my book).

    Vivane a/ka Nellie Wilson

    PS. Might wanna check your 'Leave Comment' function... this is the second time I had to re-type this. So you see, I really care (insert smiley face).

    Viviane a/k/a Nellie Wilson

  2. HI Viviane thanks for dropping by and caring to leave a comment. Sorry for the inconvenience on my comment section, i did tried it and no problem occurred to me though


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