Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Fun Twitter Thanksgiving Party

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Last night at 9pm (Pinas time) and 8 am Boston time, all of us twitter friends gather together at Twitter to have our Thanksgiving Party!! It was hosted by GLO where she gave gifts and prize money for winners on raffle and contest. It was a riot as usual and very fun just like Glo's riot online birthday party last Aug. 18.

First, we have to share what are we thankful about and soon after that the party started! Kathy won $20 at the 1st question, while others like Mai, Joy and other bebots (as we call each other) won cash, lotions and more. Litzie won a Coach necklace and New moon book at the raffle and she was so giddy about it. Too bad I didn't win again as usual but I had a blast.

I was alone at out living room last night and in front of my pc and I was laughing alone hahaha. Our friendship online is the best, I never imagine I will meet such friends. I hope we'll have a Christmas/ New Year Twitter party! Can't wait for it.

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