Saturday, November 7, 2009

Will be Home Decorating For my Sis' Arrival from Sydney

How many more days and my sis Joy and her family in Sydney will be coming home for their holidays and we are all giddy about it. When a visitor or someone special coming to your house we see to it that our place is presentable and neat. As soon as we got the confirmation that they are really coming home and when the month of November stepped in, mom and I already thought of having their place clean and furnished as well.

They’ll be staying in a 2 bedroom place that my mom owns complete with aircon and all. It’s actually a small house that we use to have for rent and since they are coming over they will stay there for couple of weeks instead of staying in a hotel that will cost too much. It’s practical that they will not stay in the hotel because aside from being closer to us the money that they will pay in the hotel will be saved for other good use.

I’ve already got the Christmas tree and trimmings out of the box that they sent and probably around end of this month, I can already start decorating the place that they will be staying in also as per my sis Joy’s instructions. I still need to get some neat table cloth probably with a Christmas design and put some throw pillows as well.

I’m excited to decorate the place this early and I hope I can do justice to it. Decorative Throw Pillows can be a great accent as well in the house. If you happen to be looking for a place where you can have your throw pillows personalized then you can check out What makes it interesting is that they can make it for you according to your desired size, color and fabric style.

Sometimes being a little bit creative and experimental can actually make our homes more interesting and can be apt to our own personality.

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