Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Gift from my Twitter/Bebots "Mommy"

Lookie, what arrived last Sunday! It was the gift from my Twitter/Bebots "Mommy", wahoooo!!! We had an online exchange gifts back in September and here's what she got for me, a Clinique Happy perfume which is on my Christmas wish list.

Thank you mommy!! but there's one problem. I still don't know her name yet because the LBC package has no return address or her name on it and that makes me more excited and puzzled. If you are my mommy, please introduce yourself to me so I can personally thank you. I know MAI will be saying she is my mommy, LOL.

This Clinique Happy perfume will be added to my perfume collection. Ahhh I love the scent! The gifts are coming in MORE please hehe!
My gift from my "mommy"

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