Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Hongkong Trip: DAY 1

My mom, bro, nieces and nephews flew to Hongkong via Cebu Pacific last Dec. 21 at 8 am. It was at NAIA 3 so it was comfortable for us since it was big and more modern compared to NAIA terminal 1. We arrived early for our departure but we're greeted with a long line outside the airport.
NAIA 3 Departure Dec. 21
Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport Terminal 3
HongKong Day1: HK airport Arrival
HongKong Day1: HK airport train
At Hongkong airport and train

My sister JOY and her family who arrived a day early in Hongkong greeted us at the airport.
HongKong Day1: Sis Joy and her family from Sydney greeting us
HongKong Day1: Sis Beng and Family from Riyadh
My older sis Beng and her family from Riyadh also came to fetch us at the airport.
****to be continued*** more photos soon


  1. Happy New Year!

    What a great way to spend the holidays! Wish we could do the same!

  2. bagay sayo ang yung color ng polo shirt mo ate Jen :)


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