Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Should Keep First Aid Kit/Supplies Handy at Home

Having small kids in the house can be a little worrisome because they are always prone to bruise and bumps and other minor accidents if they are not properly taken care of. We may thought that they are behaving in one corner and little did we know they are already messing some of the things that even if we put it in a safe corner they still can get it.

My nieces and nephews when they are still small have experienced falling off from a chair, knocking their heads etc. on the walls so we always have our first aid kits handy. My niece who was around 3 yrs old got accidentally burned her fingers with hot water and oh dear she was really hysterical. We can’t always prevent freak accidents from happening no matter how careful we are.

Not only at the house should we need to have first aid kit because we also must bring it when we travel for unexpected injuries. It’s like being ready at all times. Should you be needing First Aid Supplies, AB First Aid Store can be helpful in keeping your supplies at home, clinic, ambulances, hospitals or more come in handy.

I remember the devastating Ondoy typhoon last September and if only every household have a 72hr. kit I guess it would have been better. What about you do you have first aid kit at home?

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