Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 3

Ok I need to finish my post about our Hongkong Trip already or else I will forget it already. NOTE: Photo Overload

Anyway, Day 3 (Dec. 23, 2009) is packed since this is our last day in Hongkong. Early morning we walked from Cameron Road from our hostel to Avenue of Stars to view Victoria Harbour. The view was fantastic eventhough the sky is a bit gloomy or foggy.
Victoria HarbourVictoria Harbour Jump shot
The kids all had fun posing and jumping for fun and from there, we walked again to catch a ferry to have breakfast at the other side of Hongkong.
IMG_5063Ferry Ride
We ate our breakfast at Subway after boarding off the ferry. We also rode the double decker bus to go to OCEAN PARK.
Ocean Park entrance
IMG_5154Ocean Park: cable car
We rode the cable car inside the Ocean Park and oh my goodness it was so scary unlike at Ngong Ping cable ride that we had. The cable car at Ocean Park is small that is why the slightest move it will shake. My bro and bro in law is shaking it to scare me and my sis but it was a lot of fun! My nieces and nephews rode different rides inside while we adults had fun watching them and looking after their bags.

We watched the dolphin show at Ocean Park Theater and the show was nice.
Ocean Park
Ocean Park
The Abyss Ride The Abyss Ride
The Abyss Ride: Micah and Karlo loving the Drop
Going down Ocean Park, we rode the Ocean Express Train which is a new attraction inside. It was fin inside the train since there is an effect where you can feel that you are under water. You need to try this if you are going there.


  1. Great shots and fantastic view along the harbor.

  2. so much fun, next time go Genting highlands malaysia. Its nice there but I long time no go. Hong Kong I was there when I am kid.

  3. Wow, you are very talented person with this photography hobby. How I wish I could see Hongkong. No budget yet. BTW, can we exchange links and be followers? Let me know if you can then I will do the same.

  4. Love your photos as well. I wish I'm with my family too, mas masaya sana. You look you really had a great great time ^_^ Were you able to visit the Victoria's Peak? Nice view din and great for shopping too!

    Thanks btw for stopping by at my blog.


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