Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Hongkong Trip: Day 4 Goodbye Hongkong

Thank heavens I feel better now. After getting sick for about 1 1/2 days I'm really back to work and post more photos of our HK trip before I get lazy.

Anyway, So you thought that my Hongkong Trip post is over yet? Nah.. I still have some last few photos and stories on our last day in Hongkong (Day 4). Our flight back to Manila on
Dec. 24, 2009 was early at 8 am so I need to pack our stuff eventhough we are so tired from our Ocean Park, the Peak and dinner.

We woke up early and left our hostel around 5:00 am on board a taxi. It was just too funny because, we boarded on 2 separate taxis and I switch taxi cab with bro and when I'm about to go to my taxi they are already leaving that I need to yell and run at them to see me.. hahahaha funny! I almost got left

We asked the driver to drop as the the HONGKONG AIRPORT EXPRESS TRAIN station in Kowloon and we got there in few minutes. It's super fast and it only takes us about 20 mins from Kowloon to Airport.
Hongkong Aiport Express Train
Insides of the train, not many people on board yet bec. it's still too early
konti lang tuloghigh tech hehe
It was just right in time when we arrived at the airport, we checked in our luggage at Cebu Pacific early and have some breakfast inside the airport. It was the day before Christmas so a lot of Pinoys are going home, there are lots of OFW (overseas Filipino Workers) on board our flight and Micah my niece even won a luggage tag during the small contest inside the plane.

Arrived at NAIA terminal 3 safely around 10:30 am and proceeded to NAIA 1 to fetch sis Joy and family who is also arriving at 11:30 from Hongkong as well. Our Hongkong trip was tiring bec. we only have 3 days to fully explore the place. We wish we have more days and I'm not if I can go back there again. I will always cherish all the bonding moments that we have as a family in our HK trip.
View our Hongkong Trip from Day 1-4.

The trip is awesome eventhough it's expensive but it's worth it.!! If you have time go to Hongkong and have fun with your family. Even for few days you can take a break and need not worry about any problem and would not even think of reading about depression if you have at bec. traveling can veer you away from your worries. Have fun!

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