Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Braiden and Bianca!

Bianca turned 4 last Feb. 21, while her brother Braiden just turned 7 last March 19. They are my niece and nephew based in Australia. Ahhh... kids really grow so fast and I remember I was in Australia when Bianca was born and I had some time to take care of her. She's just a little sweet baby who always love to sleep, almost all day long that sometimes her mom worry about that hehe and look at her now she's in pre-school already and oh she's a little chatter box too!

Braiden is a sweet boy, a little shy, talks less but he has the sweetest smile. I remember when he was just about 4 or 5 years old, he suffers eczema, where he got rashes and it's a pity to see him scratch his skin until it bleeds. Fortunately, her mom was able to find an eczema treatment for him and it's a miracle that he was able to overcome this ailment now that he is an older kid. He is grade 1 and according to my sister he is making a good progress now.

Last December, their whole family had their vacation here in the Philippines and I can say is that they all had a blast!

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