Friday, March 12, 2010

Landscaped Garden

Got no green thumb and actually I’m not that crazy when it comes to planting or watering the plants like my mom who’s already in her small garden after waking in the morning. Actually her garden at home became smaller because my cheeky shitzu dog is digging her plants for some reason that she had to remove them eventually, hahaha. Mom of course was angry but she has no choice but to put plants only at the sides of the house now but if she’ll have her way she’ll fill our garden with flowering plants.

Anyway, at least she still has a little garden space for her to “talk” to her plants and nurture them with her love. I remember the days when she went to the market to buy food but ends up going home with tons of plants for her to plant. I guess planting and tilling the soil is her therapy to combat being bored.

I reckon if we only have more spacious garden for sure she’ll not have second thoughts of have it landscaped. Landscape Design services are readily available now these days. In fact, lots of home owners or even those that have resorts are seeking their services for they can magically convert a dull space to a dream garden.
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