Sunday, March 28, 2010

No Net :(


I opened my laptop and went online at our house yesterday morning but noticed that my Smart Bro internet is having intermittent connection. I checked on the cables, restarted my laptop and reset my router and I thought the connection is stable already. The connection is on and off every few seconds and it was annoying. How can I check my emails, work schedules and credit report when I have that kind of connection?

I can't even open any single website yesterday and too bad I forgot to get tel. no. of the customer service of Smart Bro that I jotted down at my notebook in my shop. Nothing to do that morning, I just opened my photoshop and tweak the layouts for my photobook once again. At least I was a bit productive.

I went home from work
last night and still NO NET connection.. Arrghhh.... This morning, I wasn't able to check it bec. we are going to church for the Palm Sunday mass. If today there's still no connection then I have no choice but to report it to Smart already.

Fortunately I have net connection at my net cafe that's why I was able to do some online stuff and publish this too.


  1. no connection I cannot blog then I cannot read update of other blogs ;(

  2. I had the same and my son was able to get the problem resolved.
    You have to put the IP adress in the info you can find when you click the cross.

  3. Hope the internet connection back online soon! I know how you feel about this. Mine was recently like that too!


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