Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perks of Having a Blog or Website

I started to tinker in my computer many years ago and since I’m a bit keen on arts, crafts and graphics, I started to make graphics using my Corel PSP9 and it was just simple blinkers, globes, names and later on headers and such. One day in 2004, while messing around with my MS frontpage, I was able to make a simple website. I was so excited back then and the only problem is how I can publish it online so I looked for a free webhosting site and there I found one. My 1st website was launched in 2004, I’m not going to share the link anymore (eventhough it is still live) because it has too many pop-ups and ads on the site since it is only hosted for free.

Since then, I was thrilled to have a site where I can share my graphic creations, digital scrapbooking and some personal thoughts. Later on in Jan. 5, 2005, I opened my very 1st blog in bravejournal out of curiosity since I saw one of my online friends has one. It’s only free hosted and I still have no idea about hosting etc. My blogging career expanded and it was in Jan. of 2007 when I opened another blog in blogspot that I later on bought a domain name. With the help of a friend and continuous search on the net my 1st domain name (but still blogger hosted) became live. I was ecstatic and proud hehe. I gained lots of online friends while blog hopping, I was also able to expand my knowledge on various topics because of blogging and reading posts from other blogs or site.

I continued to blog; keep on adding blogs and I was also introduced to Wordpress and webhosting by my nephew. I bought another domain and asked him to have it hosted on the company where his blogs are also there. Now I have several blogs with different niche that I keep and they are bringing some moolah as well.

Anyway, picking a webhost can be a little tricky sometimes because there are companies who are not stable and not reliable. To get you started and to give you an idea about hosting, try reading this justhost review and also learn more about the Best 10 Webhosting. Sometimes a little researching, asking and reading on our part can help us choose the best. Just some points when you look for a host is that if they offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, ease of use and 24/7 tech support just to name a few.

I guess it's time for you to make a blog now bec. not only ordinary individual but those that have business can benefit from it. Good luck and happy blogging!

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