Friday, March 5, 2010

RCBC's Customer Service Sucks Big Time!!

Ok, i just have to blurt this out. I am actually angry and annoyed at the RCBC bank branch near my house. I requested for a Bank Statement last DECEMBER (take note of this) before Christmas because we are going to trace missing money sent by my sister in Riyadh last Oct. but up to this date they CAN'T GIVE ME the bank statement!

I'm not asking for any merchant account reseller or something, all I want is a BANK STATEMENT!!!!!! and they can't give it to me. It's already March and the teller said it has not arrived (request will come from the main branch). The teller told me that request will take only about 1 WEEK but forgive me for being angry it's already MARCH for God sake!

I've been following it up many times at the bank and the last time I went there was last Thurs. and he told me for sure it will be here today. I'll be coming back on Monday bec. i got a bit sick today and if it's not there on Monday, I don;t know what will I do next.. Argghhhhh..


  1. wow! great customer service. i guess it's time to look around for other banks.

    i have both php and usd accounts on my bank and even if i've been here abroad for almost two years, i can keep track of it, pay bills online and check my account balances anytime... or make that the last six months (because beyond that, i have to make a request) but i regularly download my SOA so i don't worry about my account history.

  2. Same opinion I got for RCBC but this time it's about the "hidden daily interest charges" they charged on their credit card services. They don't explicitly include in the monthly billing statement thay they sent to their credit card users that aside from the 3.25% (monthly charges), they charged additional rate on a daily basis for the unpaid amount. Their banker reasoned out that the RCBC website contains that information. I think charging an additional daily interest rate without that information being included in billing statement is UNFAIR. Most people will not be inclined to check RCBC website for any updates and will mainly rely on the hard copy of the billing statement that they forwarded monthly. I got that dilemma because I thought the interest rate will only be 3.25% so I didn't pay the straight amount right away. They deliberately "hid" the info about them charging daily interest rates on their credit card service.



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