Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dreamin' of Singapore

Since the Universal Studios in Singapore opened to the public about a month ago and a friend of mine traveled there, my desire to go there grew even more. Actually my sister has a friend who is already residing there for many years and she told us that we are very much welcome to stay in her house if ever we decided to tour Singapore.

Wow that would be a good chance since we can cook food in the house and that only means that we can save plus we don;t need to rent any hotel while we are there. We are actually planning to go there by December but with the looks of it, it may not happen bec. of some unforeseen events and circumstances. I'm just too eager to pack my clothes of my luggage (wish it was a Kipling one) and fly over there. Oh BTW, Amazing Race leg 9 is on Singapore too!

I remember our Hongkong trip with my family last Dec. 2009 bec. we had a blast, wish we all can travel overseas once again if God permits.

Have you been to Singapore already?

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