Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Want Some Coupons Please!

It’s weekend once again and it sure is a different day for me. Mom woke me up a bit early this morning before she’s going to the market and asked me if I can take her blood pressure. Just in case you didn’t know she was rushed to the hospital last Friday bec. she got so dizzy and her bp was too high. Anyway, I took her bp and it was 140/80 so I told her not to go out anymore.

Fortunately my niece is in the house so I was able to ask her to go with me at the market this morning. Yay, I never knew that prices of meat and veggies are quite high already so now I know how difficult it is for mom to budget the money that I gave her for our 1-week market allowance.

Right after coming from the market, I arranged the stuff and put them on the fridge, I cooked Chicken Caldereta for our lunch before leaving for the church to hear mass. We had our lunch here at my bro’s place. No, malling for me today because it was too hot to go out anyway plus going out means spending again.

It’s better to just stay at home bec. when I got to the mall, I might just buy something that is not necessary. Unfortunately, we don’t usually use coupons while shopping here in Pinas. I’m sure those that love dining out will love to use Restaurant coupons to save everytime they eat at their fave restos. Some restos here only give discounts from time to time.

Oh I just love Jollibee and McDonald’s coupons that they gave out before 2 months ago as I was able to get a discount when I ordered my fave chicken burger from McDo. How I’d wish Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut will give out Pizza coupons as well so I can save extra money the next time I crave for some pizzas.

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