Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom's High BP

My niece woke me up early this morning and told me that my mom is getting dizzy and she suspects that her blood pressure is getting high once again. Still feeling sleepy, I got my mom's highblood pressure and it was already 160/80 which is already high. She said she is dizzy too and that she needed to drink her medicine for her hb pressure.

I'm not quite sure why her bp suddenly shoot up that high since she is drinking her meds on a daily basis. I took nap again after checking her but my SIL and bro wake me up once again and told me that we should bring mom to the hospital right away.

Hurriedly, I changed clothes and got some of my things and we rushed her to the nearest hospital. Mom told us that she is so dizzy and that she wanted to throw up too. Her BP was 190/80 already and the nurses hurriedly put oxygen on her and told me to buy some meds at the pharmacy. We suspect that she got so tired yesterday and it was so hot that her bp went up high like that.

After few minutes, her bp became more stable from 190-140 then to 120 but still she's dizzy that's why the doctor gave her meds for that. The doctor also wanted her to be confined in the hospital but mom didn't want to eventhough I myself wanted her to stay there.

Anyway, we took mom home before lunch and thank God she is quite stable now. She already ate and she's not dizzy anymore. I still have to monitor her blood pressure from time to time too and we'll keep an eye on her through the night.


  1. Hay Naku tumawag nga ako kanina sa Mommy ,, mabuti nman at OK na sya ,,, tell her to take it easy!!!!

  2. oo nga daw, I was out to buy meds kasi.. we went to her doctor this morning at the doctor prescribed a new medicine for her. I'll be monitoring her BP everyday and we'll be back to her doc on Friday again.


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