Monday, April 12, 2010

On My Digi-Scrapping

Just in case you didn't know yet, I'm into digital photography and digital scrapbooking for a while now. I've been making photobooks since last year and had it printed over at ARTSCOW which is based in Hongkong.

Anyway, just recently finished my PROJECT 365 that contains over 365 photos for the whole year or 2009. That only means that I tool photo each day and put it on a layout on a weekly basis (1 page per week). There are times however when I forgot to shoot or simply just too lazy to take a photo but managed to finished the whole year.

The wait is over and I finally got my 60page 8x8 PROJECT 365 photobook where I only paid $20.49 bec. I used an Artscow coupon code. If not I should have paid $42.++ Here are some photos of my Proj. 365 Photobook. You can see more of my photobooks and details at my SCRAPS AND SHOTS blog
Digi-scrapping requires a little bit of patience for you to be able to finish a single page. I have friends and relatives who wanted to try this craft and I always tell them that digi-scrapping is just like any hobby you gotta have passion and patience for it. If not, you'll be bored.

I have digi-scrapping friends who make photobooks for a fee as a sideline and make pb as gifts. If you are patient and love working on photos then digi-scrapping will be a good hobby to consider because you can scrap any photos and turn them into beautiful art.


  1. wow. this is really nice! i want to make one for my family too. anong software po gamit mo? have a nice day!

  2. Hi HONNEY.. thanks .. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3

  3. Love your photobook! I'm interested to learn but don't think I have the patience to learn PS hehe. Do you know any other software one can use?

  4. Wow, your photobook is very nice.

    I have photos of myself and family which are placed in albums. That is a bit dull, I want to make a photobook too.

    How long did you take to learn this craft?

  5. @ MOMMY KATSY- i don;t know any program other than Photoshop and Corel Paint shop where you can layout these. sorry.. but i think you ARTSCOW has a feature where you can upload photos and choose kits on their site to make photobook...

  6. @ SPICY MOTHER- thanks for the compliment, you too can make photobooks. I think it took me about a month or so to learn digi-scrapping. I just experimented and learned through time.

    try it you'll like it..

  7. Wow. ang galing... :) sana matuto din ako nito.

  8. Waaaaa tapos ka na a ko hanggang January 09 lang yata natpos ko e!!!!!!!!! kainis


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