Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sis Joy and Her New Found Hobbies!

I was with my sis Joy at YM few nights ago and we’ve been catching up with each other, talking about her kids and other chismis (gosspis). She’s also checking out our mom if she is doing good after being rush to the hospital about almost 2 weeks ago. I said we are scheduled to go to the doctor for my mom’s check up once again.

We seldom talk at YM lately so if we do, our chit-chats are endless and it covers wide range of topics as well. She complimented my finished Project 365 photobook and told me that she’s not yet finished with hers. Her interest in digi-scrapping and photography declined a bit and she became busy as well.
She’s got new interests and it’s about make-up, nail art and hair braiding! Ever since she likes to put make up and experiment on it. In fact, she bought lots of make up (Urban Decay, Mac etc) to try it on and she’s watching tutorials at Youtube to learn more technique. She’s also into nail art and saw on her blog a picture of her nails that she made. Quite interesting, I said.

She’s also into hair braiding and I saw from her blog that she’s already braiding her daughter’s hair before going to school. Good for her, she has new hobby that she loves already and I wonder what will be the next hobby that she will take.

I'm also keen on talking to her on YM once again to keep us updated. Who knows we might talk about kinda deeper topics like Louisiana Jones Act and our upcoming National elections. With that said I need to send her offline message right now. I know she in Facebook once again, probably planting? hehe

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  1. Yes its TRUE!!!!!! and dahil sa kapapanood ko sa YOutube ,, my upload during this months soared through the roof !!!!!! and my service provider slowed my net coz Im over the limit already and to think that I just upgraded from $$69 to $ 89... ARRRGGGGGGG kakainis di naman totoo ang unlimited downloads!!!!!!!!!!


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