Friday, April 16, 2010

Sophie's Complete Make-Over

My dog Sophie's hair is getting too long and entangled already bec. there are times that I'm a bit lazy to comb her hair regularly. So last March after she recovered from illness (she became anemic), we went to the vet for her complete make-over. She was at the vet for hair and nail cut and of course spa (hehe). The vet put her to sleep because she's a bit handful when she was being groomed. She was at the vet in the morning and in the afternoon my SIL and bro got her from the clinic and we were so shocked to see her new look.

I was laughing so hard when I saw her and even asked my SIL if that is really I called her name and of course she came to me.. Ahhh poor dog, her vet made her This is her before she was groomed. Sophie btw, is half- Shitzu and half-daschund.
(before) Aug. 2009
after she was groomed in March 6, 2010, she's more like a Daschund here lol

The first night that she was at home, she was so restless, uncomfortable and uneasy. I saw her going in circles, licking her feet and looks so confused. We asked her doc about it and told us that she is just adjusting bec. from being furry to a bit

Here is she now after 1 month, thank God her hair is growing back and I'm already combing it every after bath. She also had her immunizations done. She already got anti-rabies, 6-1 booster, anti-fleas and more. She is healthy now for sure and having her is like having a baby bec. of the finances.. Yay.. love her to bits! She's my
Here she is now at April 12, 2010 with a sharp look lol and I think her long hair will grow back by June, can't wait for that!


  1. wow..what a make over!!
    She's still a beauty, but she didn't look so happy when she got her fur trimmed.
    I love dogs' expression, especially from their eyes, unlike other animals, dogs give meaningful expression :))

  2. Ahh she looks totally different when trimmed>.... and baby girl ni ate jen!!!! Sabi ni Joe the dog doesnt look very happy there....


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