Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bonding Times

My brother in law came home from Saudi for a quick vacation because his mother's health is not that good. He took an emergency leave from his work in Riyadh to be with his family in the province.

Yesterday, morning, my BIL together with his 3 children and 3 nephews and niece went to the mall for more bonding times before he'll fly back to Riyadh today. They used our Toyota lite ace but only few minutes they called because the aircon is not working. Yay so they just bear the heat inside butt least the engine did not fail. This reminds me of the good sam mechanical breakdown insurance that I got in the mail.

Anyway, they watched a movie and played bowling afterwards and they had a blast. Today is the flight of my BIL to Riyadh and just wished him safe trip back there.

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