Monday, May 10, 2010

Conducting Meetings and more

Every company hold meetings from time to time for brainstorming or reports about their products/services. It’s also a time to update their employees about certain policies, new rules and more but I’ve learned that most of the employees find meeting to be long and boring most of the times. You’ll also have to endure the convention when the ones conducting the said meeting are not effective in capturing the attention of the attendees.

Meetings should have a straight agenda, concrete points and be done in proper venues. Many meetings are conducted in conference rooms mostly in hotels where executives, employees, stockholders can attend. Meetings, I reckon is a good and powerful way to exchange ideas, communicate and solve problems in the company. Planning a meeting can be a stressful and finding a place to hold is even tougher. If you are in UK and in Ireland, you’ll find Holiday Inn to be perfect place for any meeting, corporate events, training/workshops for they have about numerous conference rooms to accommodate your every need. Conference room are well equipped with facilities that you’ll need. You can check out their site for more info. Should you need any assistance or quotes, your queries for sure will be handled professionally by their staff.

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