Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Weather This Morning

Good morning peeps, I'm kinda early today because I was awakened by the loud sounds of firetrucks and it seems another fire struck our place. True enough, my SIL told me that a part of the dry goods section of our public market is on blaze since last night. Ahhh this is an unfortunately fate for stall owners who lost their goods because of the fire. As of this writing, I could still hear sirens and probably the fire is not totally yet.

Anyway, I also woke up raining and wow it's a blessing. It's been months already where we are experiencing too much heat and a lot of people have already suffered due to due. The sticky and humid weather is not good for those that are sick most especially kids with asthma where they need allergy relief fast. Old folks are not spared as well, they are vulnerable to high blood pressure and heat strike as well.

Anyway, the rain stopped already but it's a bit cool. I just hope the rest of the day will remain this way. Yay, American Idol finals is on NOW, live via satellite!

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