Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can We have Some Cool Weather Please?

I had a very busy summer vacation not because I was out traveling or having fun with friends or family. I was busy with my (online) work that I had to stay at home most of the times so I can focus. It’s kinda boring at some point but it is one summer that I got to put much attention on my work. Anyway, I’m back with my old routine yesterday. School has started so I need to open my net cafĂ© early and in no time students will be rushing to make their assignments by researching online.

It was one hot day yesterday and it was made worst when a sudden burst of rain dropped early evening. The heat of the soil and pavement evaporated making the temperature more humid.. Argghh actually it was sticky and hot and it’s so uncomfortable.

How’d I wish I can turn on the aircon but since I’m penny-pinching a little bit, I just used the ceiling fan to save on electricity. I guess all the Hunter Ceiling Fans that I see online can also cool off any room aside from giving it an aesthetic look.

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