Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Back to my Old Routine

Summer is finally over. Some students are back to school already this week but more schools will open by June 15th. I stayed at home working during summer and just let my SIL open and close my café for me. I will also go back to my old routine of going to my net café everyday and hoping the business will pick up once again when the school starts.

Since I became busy with my online business, I rarely accept desktop publishing orders like birthdays and wedding invitations
at my store and I kinda miss doing that. I think I can still make business cards or simple birthday/baptismal invitations if I’m not too busy but with regards to wedding invites, I don’t think I’d still want to make some coz it’s a bit of a task to do. I’d rather spend my time working on my online works.

So by Tues. of next week, I’ll be in my shop in the mornings till closing time in the evening. Yay, I know I’ll adjust once again bec. it will be noisy and there’ll lots of distractions unlike when I’m working at home.

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