Friday, June 18, 2010

A Good Help in the Kitchen

Last summer vacation, I usually stayed at home to do my online works there. I also had the time to do some house chores and do some cooking for dinner. My niece Reign often sees me cutting veggies and cooking so every afternoon she usually come to our house and ask me if I'm going to cook already because she wanted to help.
At first, I don't want her to help because she might cut her fingers but she's really persistent and really wanted to do it so I have no choice but to let her do it. I asked her to peel the carrots or potatoes and she enjoyed it.

Later on I taught her to cut the bell peppers and looked she did well and she enjoyed it. This is a good training for her so that when she grows up she'll like cooking. She even asked her mom to buy her an apron so she'll be a certified helper in the kitchen. Now that school is back, I'm sure she can only help me during weekends.
don't cut your fingers

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  1. what a help! these days, only a few like her want to participate in house chores. this little girl will go miles. and she's taught very well probably about responsibility and helping others, or probably her nature.

    nice post.


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