Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heavy Downpour and Stranded

Heavy rains started to fall yesterday afternoon and it looks like there is a strong typhoon that hits our place and Metro Manila. I can see lots of people stopped in front of my store to cover and in no time the flood rises on the streets. Many got drenched and left stranded because jeepneys can't pass through our place because I heard that the flood is almost waist deep in low lying areas.

Massive traffic led people to just walk and to become cranky. I myself was stuck in my store until 9:30pm because of heavy traffic and there's no more jeepneys passing by. Thankfully, my mom and BIL fetched me here at the store that's why I was able to come home. I really thought that I'll sleep here in my net cafe and I was already prepared for that.

We arrived at home safely but and I found out that my mattress is kinda wet because of the small hole in my bedroom's roof but I have it fixed today though.

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