Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy as Bee

Thank God for online works as it make me oh so busy these days. If not for this work, I guess I'm already in limbo where to find money to pay for some bills (not that I have lots anyway). I feel blessed when works are pouring in, I never imagined that it can bring some bacon on our table. Though there are times I'm so tired because I'm staying a bit late working, I'm still so thankful. Work is still pouring in and for sure more will come.

I hope that despite I'm busy, I can still find time for myself. I've been putting off my salon appointment due to work for the last couple of months but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this Sunday I can go already because my gray hairs are just so unsightly to see. I also need to get the auto insurance reviews done that older bro needed bec. our vehicle is due for renewal once again.

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