Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Much Needed Haircut etc.

If you’re a busy blogger like me that needs to be online almost 24/7 there will come a time where you feel tired and exhausted but so blessed. With the enormous opps that requires a lot of time and thinking; at some point the thoughts that needed to be put in our posts are not coming. We also need to be patient because when payday comes all of us will be beaming.

Right now, I need to go to the salon (been procrastinating it for a long time) to have a much needed haircut, hair dye and hair spa. I have this favorite hair dresser at the nearby salon he is the only one who can cut my hair perfectly. Eventhough he is good already, I guess he also dream of taking courses like in Florida cosmetology School
in the US because for sure he’ll learn more techniques and gain more experience.

Now, I’m hoping I can sneak couple of hours tomorrow to go to the salon.

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